This is a list of software, services, and information I often use or refer others to. Some of the links have discount codes where I know them. The discounts may be expired by the time you see this but if an item is on the list it is something I at least suggest considering regardless of price.


reliable local storage: Drobo

online backup offer code twig

online file sharing/syncing: (has applications for Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android)
The Ultimate Dropbox Toolkit & Guide 


website creation/hosting:

rails hosting:;

Mac OSX superuser tips and tricks for Terminal

Screen Sharing

Web Tools (web, iPhone...) (web, iPhone...)

iPad (some I use, some are recommended by others)

elements - $4.99 - Dropbox Powered Text editor
InstaPaper - $4.99 - very popular way for deferred viewing of web pages
Evernote - free - popular way to save stuff forever


mac/win(beta)/ipad/iphone password manager:
all platform password manager:
pazera software - YouTube download, video conversion for Windows:
Downloader+ 1.8 for Mac - untested by me

photo sharpening plugin:


if you have time to buy online:

Best Practices

keynote on iPad:

Things I will use

These are some items I'll want to find again:
very cool diff application for Macintosh:
cool way to make a drive from home accessible everywhere:

Things I may need to help others to find: - invention site - attachments for iPod earbuds that make them more comfortable; suggested by Peter Krasa


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