Many people complain that Apple's iOS app approval system is too tightly controlled and like the ease with which Android apps can be distributed.

From Mashable here is news of a report from SMobile Systems providing a threat analysis of Android apps. Their report discusses a review of 48,000 apps which show issues that should be of concern to Android users. They include 5% that can call anywhere without the user's permission, 3% that can SMS anywhere, 383 apps that can read or use authentication credentials from another service or app and 29 apps that request permissions similar to spyware. Many or all of these apps may be fine but it is impossible for an app purchaser to have complete confidence in them. Finding a way to vet apps may be a good idea since, back in January, as reported by Gizmodo here there were some 'banking' apps that were used to phish for Android user banking logins.

From a consumer's viewpoint, Apple's checking of apps sounds like a great idea to me. Even if Apple misses something, if a problem comes to light then Apple can remotely revoke a specific app. These seem like strong selling points to businesses and concerned consumers.

The report pdf is available here.

AuthorMichael Slade