For the first time in a long time today's Apple special event was streamed live. Above is a photo of 3 devices playing the "live" feed. As you can see, they are showing 3 different images. That's because Apple's HTTP streaming technology does not guarantee simultaneous delivery of content, only the high likelihood that it will get there soon. Soon in this case seemed to be a delay of about 30 seconds from live for the first device (usually the iPhone for no apparent reason) and the others trailing at a random interval of up to maybe another 30 seconds.
iOS 4.1 (next week) - bug fixes, High Dynamic Range photos!!
iOS 4.2 (November) - iPad update, WiFi printing
iPod shuffle - got buttons
iPod nano - got smaller, has touch (but not iOS), lost the camera
iPod clasic - never mentioned, still in the store
iPod touch - 2 cameras, FaceTime, retina display (like iPhone 4), video editing
iTunes - Ping social network, TV rentals, AirPlay
new AppleTV - $99, no apps, no storage, Netflix
The full capabilities of AirPlay are unclear to me just yet, but one thing it will allow you to do is stream content from your iPad to your AppleTV.
The presentation was cool. There are a lot of details that I don't understand yet. It will be interesting to see how they pan out. 
AuthorMichael Slade